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Drop Math

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$0.99 - Must be purchased directly through the store loaded on the nabi tablet

Drop Math is a match game incorporating math drill sheets to educate and entertain.

5 game modes
Addition - 100 questions
Subtraction - 100 questions
Multiplication - 100 questions
Division - 90 questions
All - 390 questions

Match Answers and Questions before the board fills up.

The drill sheets are for children who are in the 4th and 5th grade and have used drill sheets before. Children in earlier grades can still have fun trying to master the drill sheets at lower game levels.

You know your child has mastered drill sheets when they can finish a set of 100 questions in less than 3 minutes.

The game has a score sheet that shows the level obtained, high scores and grade/percentage of questions that were answered correctly.

Not only is this great for educating and entertaining kids, this game can bring a challenge to adults who want to refresh their math skills or increase mental activity.

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