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EMB-145 W&B


EMB-145 W&B is designed to provide help in generating fast payload calculation, limitation check and yield optimization.

This application was designed for the airline environment and the use of a "No Carry-On" bag program as directed by AC 120-27E.

Applicable aircraft:
- EMB-145LR
- EMB-145LR2
- EMB-135KL (EMB-140)

Applicable weights:
- Passenger: Summer 184 Lbs, Winter 189 Lbs
- Kids: Summer 76 Lbs, Winter 81 Lbs
- Flight Jumpseat: 180 Lbs
- Pilot Jumpseat: 195 Lbs
- Bag: 30 Lbs
- Heavy Bag: 60 Lbs
- Carry-on: 20 Lbs

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